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Happy Feelings Home Health Care provides a link between you, your home, and your independence. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by helping you stay in your normal environment, training and providing resources. Our team respects the dignity of everyone who provides the highest quality care. We offer a wide range of home health care services by qualified professionals with flawless accreditation.

Veteran Home Care

At Assisting Happy feelings Home Health Care, we provide in-home care services for veterans and their spouses in Cook, Will & Dupage, and surrounding areas. Veterans and their spouses who are eligible for VA benefits can help cover the cost of our Veteran home care and respite care services with these benefits.

Personal Care 

Happy Feelings Home Health Care Certified Personal Care provides patients with a range of non-medical services such as personal care, food preparation, light housekeeping, and medication reminders. In addition, PCA offers monitoring services, including shopping and meeting. PCAs operate flexibly based on patient needs, providing postoperative, and other special care to people with disabilities and people who have recently been discharged from the hospital. Assistants follow an individual care plan created by a registered nurse who has done an assessment before starting home services. The goals of the care plan are broad and meet medical, psychological, and emotional needs.

  • Taking Care of pets
  • Grocery Shopping & Errands
  • Meal Preparation & Feeding if Necessary
  • Playing Games & Cards
  • Reading Aloud
  • Assistance with Grooming, Bathing, Toileting
  • Laundry & Light Housekeeping
  • Escorting to Medical Appointments, Religious Services, Shopping, Visiting
  • Organizing the Home

24 Hour Care Services

Happy Feelings Home Health Care has experienced Professional caregivers who serve clients recovering from chronic or acute illness or injury or surgery at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, full-time or part-time. Watering plants and taking care of pets can be performed by our staff.  Based on client needs.

Happy Feelings Home Health Care caregivers help clients and families cope with illness, provide choice, and easily connect with additional services such as geriatric care managers, social workers, and other qualified professionals. Team members also interact with doctors to make health plans and help with problems and special needs as they arise.

Alzheimer’s Care Services

Many of Happy Feelings Home Health Care’s older customers have Alzheimer’s disease. Our caregivers and managers have the experience, compassion, and understanding to oversee home care. Family members can live nearby, but they often live far away.

Happy Feelings Home Health Care employees have extensive experience in helping family members address basic care needs and changing requirements. Home Health professionals and caregivers  who work with Alzheimer’s patients are committed to providing the highest quality home care.

As a family member or close friend of an adult, it is important to recognize the early signs of this condition. According to medical experts, common early signs of Alzheimer’s disease include new symptoms of memory loss, repetition of the same question, difficulty finding words, personality changes, disorientation and confusion, and changes in hygiene. The presence of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that your loved one has this disease. However, if you think your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s, it is best to plan a visit to a family doctor or neurologist.

Alzheimer’s disease is very different from person to person. No treatment has stopped Alzheimer’s disease so far. However, for some in the early and middle stages of the disease, some medications may be helpful. Ask your doctor for more details

Senior/ Elder Home Health Care

If you are looking for home care for the elder/senior Happy Feelings Home Health Care will assist you. You need to meet the needs of your loved one in everyday life and his or her medical needs. You also want to take care of your psychological, emotional, and even mental well-being.

Whether a client needs a professional caregiver, a part-time or full-time, a home health care provider, or a home care partner, the Happy Feelings Home Health Care experienced team understands that evaluating and caring for the client as a whole is critical. Quality of life and well-being are always part of a care plan with daily life and medical needs.

Team care, communication and frequent updates, support whenever needed, and trust are essential for caring for elderly family members and people living close to home at home. All of these are important components of Happy Feelings Home Health Care.

Wellness Visits

Happy Feelings Home Health Care provides safety visits to assess the safety of the client and their home with a follow-up report provided to the designated family member to report findings.

Happy Feelings Home Health Care is ideal for active retirees who want to maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle. Team is available for the health and well-being of your body and mind and helps you grow happy and healthy. With these opportunities, you can discover a new life force that you didn’t even know existed, and find social and friendships with your fellow citizens that will last a lifetime.

Companion Care Services

All your life you have adapted your home to be exactly the way you want it. You create routine procedures that seem familiar to you. However, as you get older, it is difficult to maintain a daily routine. You can try writing your homework or taking a walk around town. With our companion care services, our goal is to assist you with your needs.

Happy Feelings Home Health Care provides help so you can live comfortably at home. Most importantly, our caregivers promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being through the benefits of social interaction.

Happy Feelings Home Health Care is available to assist with many common daily tasks that are more difficult to perform in conditions that affect mobility or memory. Companion care may include paperwork such as shopping for groceries, taking a prescription, cleaning, etc., scheduling appointments, remembering medications, cooking, and picking up trash. Companion care offers the elderly a way to live alone or with loved ones, being able to participate in a daily or weekly routine. People stay in the comfort of their own homes and have a companion for small tasks.

Meal Preparation & Feeding

Happy Feelings Home Health Care provides seniors with in-home meal preparation and feeding.

Mental, physical and social factors affect the health and well-being of the elderly. Happy Feelings Home Health Care can help you with services to prepare healthy eating, physical activity and exercise your mind.

Sometimes the hardest part of maintaining health is finding the time to get proper nutrition and prepare for it. Our nursing services help you from the grocery store to the kitchen to make every step fascinating and less hassle-free. When you have the right fuel, your physical and mental well-being also has a positive effect.

Meal delivery options may also be available in your local area

Grocery Shopping & Errands

For patients who are at home and want help with grocery shopping or personal chores, be assured that our certified caregivers are trained to perform these services on your behalf.

Examples of our proposals include grocery shopping for patients recovering from surgery or chronic illness, essential prescription, home office tasks, library, town hall, pet store, laundry, and dry cleaning, pick up / delivery, registration, and safety visits.

Our caregivers can provide first-class support for the elderly and for patients with transportation problems or limited basic needs due to isolation at home.

House Keeping

Happy Feelings Health Care provides a house keeping service as part of our general home care for cleaning and organizing. Our maintenance involves a number of simple chores and will help you to keep your home clean and tidy. We are committed to keeping the homes of all our customers safe and clean. Talk to one of our home care providers to create a business plan for your loved ones.

Laundry and Light House Keeping

Happy Feelings Home Health Care has certified Home care that can help in these cases. Our health care service can do laundry, light housekeeping, and ironing.  There are many other tasks that a certified Happy Feelings Home Health Care assistant can help with at home. 

Assistance with Grooming, Bathing & Toileting

Does the person in your family need home health care to take a Grooming and Bathing? Happy Feelings Home Health Care can help with such important tasks as bathing or dressing a patient who is good enough to live in their home, but who may not be healthy enough to perform certain tasks alone. Happy Feelings Home Health Care may be available to perform these important daily tasks. By paying attention to the hairstyle, the patient can feel happier and safer. Proper care can help patients in bathing, washing the hair, shaving, combing hair, caring for the mouth, nails and more. Happy Feelings Home Health Care can also take patients to a salon where the patient feels comfortable while being treated by their favorite beauticians.

Escorting to Medical Appointments & Religious Services

If you or your loved one wants to attend religious services, preparation for, and communication support during medical appointments, our support program may be the right decision for you. Additional services include transportation to and from the doctor’s appointment and, if necessary, an appointment the day before the appointment to discuss any problems with the patient or caregiver.


Elder people may not be able to read books as before. This can be due to many reasons. They may have lost the joy of reading, the text may be too small, or they may have difficulty remembering what they have read. The good news is that Happy Feelings Home Health Care can still help them enjoy books by reading. Reading allows anyone of any age to use their imagination while having fun for a short period of time.

Playing Games

It is important that patients should maintain an active mind and continue to enjoy themselves. Focusing the patient on a task or puzzle or playing any other game over a long period of time helps him engage and enjoy socializing with caregivers, family, or friends – something they may miss. One of the best ways to keep these relationships meaningful and active is through games. Happy Feelings Home Health Care can help them to enjoy with playing games.



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